Company Introduction

Trust Korea Company Ltd.(Trust Korea) was established in November 2007 in Korea as a sister company of Trust to provide the Korean left hand drive vehicles to all left hand drive countries in the world. Trust Korea is based in Seoul and the export office is located in Incheon, the second largest port in Korea. Our vehicles are purchased from directly from individuals and dealers nationwide and are sent to our main stock yard next to the port. Here close attention is paid to maintenance, checking, and preparation for shipment by our team of experts.

Why? "Trust"

Why choose Trust Korea Company Ltd.?... IT'S SIMPLE!

Trust Korea Company Ltd. offers the best services and support at the lowest prices. Unlike other small & middle sized used car exporters in Korea, we have the volume and resources to be able to offer a wide range of vehicles with the background of many years know-how of Trust Korea as one of the largest vehicle exporters in Korea.

We offer
  • Wide selection of high quality used vehicles - in stock!
  • Competitive pricing!
  • Friendly, no pressure customer service!
  • Direct support via our website or via telephone!
  • Worldwide Shipping!
  • After purchase support!
  • Parts supply guaranteed for our stock and Most of cars produced in Korea!


Address 7/F, Banpo-daero 77, Seocho-gu, Seoul, #06670, KOREA
Tel +82-2-3474-7841(French/English)
Fax +82-2-588-4553
Business Hours 09:00~18:00 (GMT +9) - Please contact us by Email when not in business hours
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