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Do you need auto parts for a left hand drive vehicle imported from Korea? We supply a whole range of car parts for Korean makes (Hyundai, KIA, Ssangyong, Cheverolet).
We can source brand new, second hand and rebuilt parts, from a single bolt to whole engines(rebuilt) and transmissions. Request a free quotation today!

How to order spare parts

1. Check the indicative price for the parts you need in the table below.
2. Fill out the Email form with all your parts details. Don’t miss the chassis number please.
3. Our Spare Parts Team will email you a free quotation within one business day.
4. If you accept the quotation please confirm your order and proceed with the payment.
5. Once we receive the payment we will source the parts and dispatch them to you.

Price List (General prices, different depending on the model)

Engine Parts (Indicative prices in US Dollars)

Part name New Used Freight
Engine, diesel N/A 3,000 1,000
Engine, petrol N/A 2,500 1,000
Radiator 500 350 900
Water pump 300 N.A. 180
Starter motor 500 250 450
Alternator 500 250 480

Chassis Parts (Indicative prices in US Dollars)

Part name New Used Freight
AT transmission 5,000 1,400 1,000
MT transmission 6,000 1,200 1,000
CV joint 450 N.A. 350
CV joint boot kit 80 N.A. 100
Front shock absorber(2ea) 300 N.A. 280
Rear shock absorber(2ea) 300 N.A. 280
Power steering pump 500 150 320
Disc pad set front 700 120 80
Disc rotor 700 130 230

Body Parts (Indicative prices in US Dollars)

Part name New Used Freight
Wind screen 600 N.A. 1600
PW regulator & motor 300 N.A. 160
Bonnet 500 N.A. 1,200
Front fender 250 N.A. 1,000
Bumper (front or rear) 430 N.A. 1,300
Door panel 300 N.A. 1,200
Door assembly Ask Ask 1,200
Door glass 250 N.A. 500

Electrical parts (Indicative prices in US Dollars)

Part name New Freight
Head light 350 300
Tail light 230 230
Indicator light 120 120
Power windows main switch 90 90
Engine ECU 180 180
Power window regulator and motor 160 160
Power mirror 250 250
AC compressor 450 450

Shipping methods

Sent by Air Courier (approximate delivery time 4~10 days)
Sent by Ship (approximate delivery time 6 weeks) Check availability when order
For more questions about spare parts from Korea, please contact us at:
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